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The Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles presents concise information about all missiles and rockets, which have received a numerical designation in the DOD's joint Designation System for Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles since 27 June 1963.

As can be expected from a site on Designation-Systems.Net, emphasis is on the complete reference to the designations of all missile variants (for explanations of the various designations systems used before 1963, refer to the page about Pre-1963 Designations Of U.S. Missiles And Drones). If possible, a short summary of the developmental and operational history of each missile is also provided, together with one or more photographs. For most missiles, especially the more "popular" ones (like Sidewinder), there exist many more sites on the Web which present more detailed information, more pictures, and more data. However, instead of re-inventing the wheel and/or simply copying-and-pasting information, this site provides an overview of all missile systems, and the reader is encouraged to search elsewhere for further information. Search engines like Google usually yield very good results when searching for missiles by name and/or designation. Because of the dynamic nature of the Web, and the huge amounts of unreliable and/or conflicting information found in it, I will seldom provide links to other websites.

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The various appendixes to the Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles cover a selection of unmanned aerospace vehicles, which did not get a missile, rocket or probe designator in the DOD's joint Designation System for Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles.

Appendix 1: Early Missiles and Drones

Appendix 1 covers all missiles and drones which received a designation in one of the various pre-1963 systems (see Pre-1963 Designations Of U.S. Missiles And Drones), but which were not redesignated in 1963.

Appendix 2: Modern UAVs

Appendix 2 covers the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles designated in new Q-for-UAV series introduced by the Department of Defense in 1997.

Appendix 3: Space Vehicles

Appendix 3 covers U.S. Air Force space boosters and satellites, which received a DOD designation in the Designation System for Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles. Older USAF "SLV" (Standard Launch Vehicle) designations are also covered here.

Appendix 4: Undesignated Vehicles

Appendix 4 is a non-systematic and incomplete collection of missiles, drones and other unmanned aerospace vehicles, which were operationally used, tested or only studied by the U.S. military services, but did never receive an official designation in any of the designation systems for missiles and UAVs.

Appendix 5: Guided Bombs

Appendix 5 covers the guided glide bombs in the GBU series.

Main Missile Index

Martin MGM-1 Matador
General Dynamics (Convair) RIM-2 Terrier
Western Electric MIM-3 Nike Ajax
Hughes AIM-4 Falcon
JPL/Firestone MGM-5 Corporal
Vought RGM-6 Regulus
Raytheon AIM/RIM-7 Sparrow
Bendix RIM-8 Talos
Raytheon (Philco/G.E.) AIM-9 Sidewinder
Boeing CIM-10 Bomarc
Chrysler PGM-11 Redstone
Martin AGM-12 Bullpup
Martin MGM/CGM-13 Mace
Western Electric MIM-14 Nike Hercules
Vought RGM-15 Regulus II
General Dynamics (Convair) CGM/HGM-16 Atlas
Douglas PGM-17 Thor
Martin MGM-18 Lacrosse
Chrysler PGM-19 Jupiter
McDonnell ADM-20 Quail
Nord MGM-21
Aérospatiale (Nord) AGM-22
Raytheon MIM-23 Hawk
General Dynamics (Convair) RIM-24 Tartar
Martin HGM/LGM-25 Titan
Hughes AIM-26 Falcon
Lockheed UGM-27 Polaris
North American AGM-28 Hound Dog
JPL/Sperry MGM-29 Sergeant
Boeing LGM-30 Minuteman
Martin Marietta MGM-31 Pershing
Aérospatiale (Nord) MGM-32 Entac
Northrop (Radioplane) MQM-33
Teledyne Ryan AQM/BQM/MQM/BGM-34 Firebee
Northrop (Radioplane) AQM-35
Northrop Grumman LGM-35 Sentinel
Northrop (Radioplane) MQM-36 Shelduck
Beech AQM-37
Northrop (Radioplane) AQM-38
Beech MQM-39
Globe MQM-40 Firefly
Fairchild AQM-41 Petrel
North American MQM-42 Redhead/Roadrunner
General Dynamics FIM-43 Redeye
Goodyear UUM-44 Subroc
Texas Instruments AGM-45 Shrike
General Dynamics MIM-46 Mauler
Hughes AIM-47 Falcon
Douglas AGM-48 Skybolt
Western Electric/McDonnell Douglas LIM-49 Nike Zeus/Spartan
Bendix RIM-50 Typhon LR
Ford MGM-51 Shillelagh
LTV MGM-52 Lance
Rockwell AGM-53 Condor
Raytheon (Hughes) AIM-54 Phoenix
Bendix RIM-55 Typhon MR
Nord/Bell PQM-56
Northrop (Radioplane) MQM-57 Falconer
Aerojet General MQM-58 Overseer
APL RGM-59 Taurus
Lockheed AQM-60 Kingfisher
Beech MQM-61 Cardinal
Martin Marietta AGM-62 Walleye
Rockwell (North American) AGM-64 Hornet
Raytheon (Hughes) AGM-65 Maverick
Raytheon (General Dynamics) RIM-66 Standard MR
Raytheon (General Dynamics) RIM-67 Standard ER
Air Force Weapons Lab AIM-68 Big Q
Boeing AGM-69 SRAM
Boeing LEM-70 Minuteman ERCS
Raytheon (Hughes) BGM-71 TOW
Ford MIM-72 Chaparral
Lockheed UGM-73 Poseidon
Northrop MQM/BQM-74 Chukar
Hughes AGM-76 Falcon
McDonnell Douglas FGM-77 Dragon
General Dynamics AGM-78 Standard ARM
Martin Marietta AGM-79 Blue Eye
Chrysler AGM-80 Viper
Teledyne Ryan AQM-81 Firebolt
Texas Instruments AGM-83 Bulldog
Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) AGM/RGM/UGM-84 Harpoon
Boeing AGM-86 ALCM
General Electric AGM-87 Focus
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) AGM-88 HARM
UGM-89 Perseus / STAM
Teledyne Ryan AQM-91 Firefly
Raytheon (General Dynamics) FIM-92 Stinger
E-Systems GQM-93
Boeing GQM-94 B-Gull
Hughes AIM-95 Agile
Lockheed UGM-96 Trident I
General Dynamics AIM-97 Seekbat
Teledyne Ryan GQM-98 R-Tern
General Dynamics/Sperry PQM-102 Delta Dagger
Teledyne Ryan AQM-103
Raytheon MIM-104 Patriot
Lockheed MQM-105 Aquila
USAF FDL BQM-106 Teleplane
Raytheon (Beech) MQM-107 Streaker
Raytheon (General Dynamics) BGM/RGM/UGM-109 Tomahawk
Teledyne Ryan BQM-111 Firebrand
Rockwell AGM-112
Boeing/Lockheed Martin (Rockwell/Martin Marietta) AGM-114 Hellfire
Euromissile/Hughes/Boeing MIM-115 Roland
Raytheon (General Dynamics) RIM-116 RAM
RS Systems FQM-117 RCMAT
Martin Marietta LGM-118 Peacekeeper
Kongsberg AGM-119 Penguin
Raytheon (Hughes) AIM-120 AMRAAM
Boeing CQM/CGM-121 Pave Tiger/Seek Spinner
Motorola AGM-122 Sidearm
Emerson Electric AGM-123 Skipper II
Hughes AGM-124 Wasp
Boeing RUM/UUM-125 Sea Lance
Beech BQM-126
Martin Marietta AQM-127 SLAT
Raytheon (General Dynamics) AGM-129 ACM
Boeing (Rockwell) AGM-130
Boeing AGM-131 SRAM II
MBDA (BAe Dynamics/Matra) AIM-132 ASRAAM
Lockheed Martin UGM-133 Trident II
Martin Marietta MGM-134 Midgetman
Vought ASM-135 ASAT
Northrop AGM/BGM-136 Tacit Rainbow
Northrop AGM/MGM-137 TSSAM
Boeing CEM-138 Pave Cricket
Lockheed Martin (Loral) RUM-139 VL-Asroc
Lockheed Martin (LTV) MGM-140 ATACMS
IMI (Brunswick) ADM-141 TALD
Rafael/Lockheed Martin AGM-142 Have Nap
Continental RPVs MQM-143 RPVT
Teledyne Ryan BQM-145 Peregrine
Oerlikon/Lockheed Martin MIM-146 ADATS
BAI Aerosystems BQM-147 Exdrone
Raytheon/Lockheed Martin FGM-148 Javelin
PQM-149 UAV-SR / McDonnell Douglas Sky Owl
AeroVironment FQM-151 Pointer
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) AGM-154 JSOW
Northrop Grumman (TRW/IAI) BQM-155 Hunter
Raytheon RIM-156 Standard SM-2ER Block IV
Raytheon MGM-157 EFOGM
Lockheed Martin AGM-158 JASSM
Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) AGM-159 JASSM
Northrop Grumman (Teledyne Ryan) ADM-160 MALD
Raytheon RIM-161 Standard SM-3
Raytheon RIM-162 ESSM
Orbital Sciences GQM-163 Coyote
Lockheed Martin MGM-164 ATACMS II
Raytheon RGM-165 LASM
Lockheed Martin MGM-166 LOSAT/KEM
Composite Engineering BQM-167 Skeeter
Lockheed Martin MGM-168 ATACMS Block IVA
Lockheed Martin AGM-169 JCM
Griffon Aerospace MQM-170 Outlaw
Griffon Aerospace MQM-171 Broadsword
Lockheed Martin FGM-172 SRAW
Alliant Techsystems GQM-173 MSST
Raytheon RIM-174 ERAM (SM-6)
Raytheon AGM/BGM-176 Griffin
Kratos BQM-177
Kratos MQM-178 Firejet
Lockheed Martin AGM-179 JAGM
Lockheed Martin AGM-180 LRSO
Raytheon AGM-181 LRSO
Lockheed Martin AGM-183 ARRW
Kongsberg RGM-184 NSM
QinetiQ MQM-185 Banshee Jet 80+
Griffon Aerospace MQM-186 RedWing
Lockheed Martin AGM-187 JAGM-F

Lockheed Martin AIM-260 JATM
MIM-401(?) → Lockheed Martin THAAD

Douglas MGR-1 Honest John
Douglas AIR-2 Genie
Emerson Electric MGR-3 Little John
NOTS RUR-4 Weapon Alpha
Honeywell RUR-5 Asroc
Ford MER-6 Blue Scout ERCS
Raytheon ADR-7
Revere (Tracor) ADR-8
Tracor ADR-9
Raytheon ADR-10
Martin Marietta AGR-14 ZAP
Atlantic Research MQR-16 Gunrunner
General Dynamics FGR-17 Viper
NWC GTR-18 Smokey Sam

JPL PWN-1 Loki-Dart
Aerojet General PWN-2 Aerobee-Hi
University of Michigan/NACA PWN-3 Nike-Cajun
University of Michigan PWN-4 Exos
Cooper Development PWN-5 Rocksonde 200
Atlantic Research PWN-6 Kitty
Atlantic Research PWN-7 Rooster
Space Data PWN-8 Loki Datasonde
Aerojet/UTC PWN-9 Kangaroo
Space Data PWN-10 Super Loki Datasonde
Space Data PWN-11 Super Loki Datasonde
Space Data PWN-12 Super Loki ROBIN

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