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YPQM-150A was one of two designations reserved in 1990 for the two finalists in the Army/Navy UAV-SR (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Short Range) competition (for more information on UAV-SR, see entry on PQM-149). However, it seems that the YPQM-150A designation was never actually used for any of the two competing designs. The UAV-SR winner, the TRW/IAI Hunter, is described under its later designation of BQM-155A, while the losing contender, the McDonnell Douglas Sky Owl, is briefly described on the PQM-149 page.


It is unclear to which (if any!) vehicle the YPQM-150A designation actually applied. Both candidates are described elsewhere as indicated in the main text above.

Main Sources

[1] Department of Defense Missile Nomenclature Records

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