Designations Of U.S. Air Force Projects

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(MX Section Copyright © 2004-2005 George Cully & Andreas Parsch)

1 "MX" Projects, 1941 to 1954

2 Weapons Systems (1950's to 1960's) & Related Codes

3 Other Projects

4 Sources

1 "MX" Projects, 1941 to 1954

In early 1941, the Experimental Engineering Section of the US Army Air Corps' Materiel Division (soon reorganized as a part of the new USAAF's Air Materiel Command, or AMC) began to assign "MX" designators (for "Materiel, Experimental") to many of its research and development (R&D) projects. Issued by AMC's security apparatus at Wright Field, these numbers provided a non-descript means of identifying new R&D programs in engineering orders, correspondence, and procurement contracts. At first MX designations were largely limited to aircraft, engines, major components and ordnance, but as the war effort broadened they soon reflected a continually expanding range of military aviation R&D topics, and that trend accelerated even more in the immediate post-war period. In fact, twice as many MX numbers were issued between 1946 and 1950 as had been issued during WWII. Not all MX numbers resulted in hardware, of course: MX designations were generally assigned very early in a project's evolution, and thus many MX numbers were subsequently cancelled or closed out without producing anything more than a research report.

The Engineering Division found the "MX system" to be a very useful security device, and it was eventually copied by several other AMC divisions, so that by 1950 there were multiple project designation systems (including MP-x, RR-x, and FT-x) operating in parallel within the Command. The resulting confusion undermined the systems' value, and the growing acceptance of the weapons system concept contributed to their replacement with other security designation arrangements. It is not certain from the available records just how many MX numbers were ultimately issued. In an R&D summary published in January 1952, AMC announced its intent to abandon the MX system as of 1 July 1952, but a cancellation directive has yet to be been found, and there is circumstantial evidence showing that MX numbers continued to be used for several years thereafter. The highest number identified thus far is MX-2276; it appears to have been assigned in 1954.

Designation List

The MX tables were generated from a list of MX project designators compiled from declassified USAF records by George Cully. Many thanks go to George for this great contribution to the Designation-Systems.Net site.

Note: Subprojects of MX projects were often designated with suffix letters. Original sources show these sometimes with a dash (e.g. "MX-775-A") and sometimes without (e.g. "MX-775A"). For the sake of consistency, all subproject designators in the tables are written with the dash.

MX-1 to MX-499
MX-500 to MX-999
MX-1000 to MX-1499
MX-1500 to MX-1999
MX-2000 to MX-2276

2 Weapons Systems (1950's to 1960's) & Related Codes

WS/SS/OS/RS Designators

At some time in the early 1950's, the Air Force started to assign numerical designations to complete weapons systems, support systems and general categories of activity (like research studies). The designations initially looked like:

Examples: WS - 201 A
WS - 306 B
SS - 420 L
(1) (2) (3)

Note: The dash between the designator and the number is often omitted.

(1) is one of the following designators:

(2) is the three-digit system number. There were blocks of numbers assigned to different general system categories as follows:

Within each block, the initial numbers were probably assigned sequentially. Later, however, the numbers were apparently arbitrarily assigned. The n99 numbers seem to have been used for general studies. Numbers, which had become obsolete, were often reassigned to new systems. Systems in the 100, 200 and 300 blocks originally received "WS" designators, while systems in the 400, 500 and 600 blocks were designated "SS", "OS" and "RS", respectively. However, the prefixes were not always consistently used, and often completely omitted (see "Omission of Prefix" below).

The suffix letter (3) was usually an "A" for weapons systems and an "L" for support systems (including reconnaissance). If the same system number was assigned to different actual projects or activities, subsequent letters would be used (e.g., "B", "C", ..., or "M", "N", ..., respectively). The use of suffixes was not entirely consistent:

Omission of Prefix

Beginning in the 1960's, the WS/SS/OS/RS prefix was frequently omitted when referring to a system. This was especially evident for systems in the 400 and 600 blocks (e.g. the "Dyna-Soar" project was referred to as "System 464L" only). Also, the WS designator was sometimes used, even if another designator was initially applicable (e.g. 606A is usually referred to as "WS-606A" instead of "RS-606A"). In rare cases, a prefix was used in a non-standard way, like RS for "Reconnaissance System" or TS for "Test System".

In the designation list, I show a prefix only for those designators, which I have actually seen with a prefix.

System Management Codes

The system numbers are still is use today, but are - as far as I know - now called "System Management Codes" (SMC). Weapons/support systems, which received a number in the original designation system retained this number as their SMC (e.g. the B-52 was originally Weapon System WS-101A, and today uses SMCs in the 101 series, e.g. 101H, 101P etc.). Other weapons use newly assigned numbers, including numbers, which had been originally assigned to a different system, which is now out of service. These numbers are sometimes related to other designations of the weapon (e.g. the LGM-118A Peacekeeper ICBM has SMCs in the 118 series).

The suffix letters in SMCs are not assigned sequentially. Instead, some letters are mostly used for a specific purpose. Examples are
- "E": Usually designates the engine of an airborne weapon system
- "Z": Used to designate all versions of a weapon system (as opposed to a specific version)

The designation list contains also the System Management Codes. Because the transition from "WS/SS/RS" designators without prefix to SMCs was probably gradual, there are many numbers, for which I can't say if they're "true" System designators or should be regarded as an SMC only. Designators, which I have found only in an SMC listing, are marked with (SMC).

Designation List

Note: Gaps are marked ("No information") only for those numbers, which I believe should exist because of the assumed sequential assigment of the original WS/SS/RS designators.

Designation Contractor Description
WS-100A Boeing B-47 Stratojet
WS-100L Boeing RB-47 Stratojet
WS-101A Boeing B-52 Stratofortress
WS-101L Boeing RB-52 Stratofortress
101D (SMC) Boeing B-52D
101H (SMC) Boeing B-52H
101P (SMC) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-3/103 engine for B-52
101Z (SMC) Boeing B-52G/H
WS-102A Convair B-58 Hustler
WS-102L Convair RB-58 Hustler
WS-103A Northrop SM-62 Snark
WS-104A North American SM-64 Navaho
WS-105A McDonnell F-101A/C Voodoo
WS-105L McDonnell RF-101A/C Voodoo
(106) (No information)
WS-107A-1 Convair SM-65 (CGM/HGM-16) Atlas
WS-107A-2 Martin SM-68 (HGM/LGM-25) Titan
(108...109) (No information)
WS-110A North American B-70 Valkyrie
(111) (No information)
WS-112A Bell GAM-63 Rascal
(113...114) (No information)
WS-115A - Possibly the initial designation of WS-315A
(116) (No information)
WS-117L Lockheed Reconnaissance Satellite System
WS-117M - SAMOS (Satellite Missile Observation System); became WS-210A
118L - KA-27 Camera
118P Bell Hypersonic Reconnaissance Manned Boost-Glide Rocket
118A (SMC) Martin Marietta LGM-118 Peacekeeper
WS-119L - Strategic Photo-Reconnaissance Balloon System; result of MX-1594 "Gopher" program
WS-119L Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, C-135 Stratolifter
119C (SMC) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-5/9/102, J57-43W/59W engines for C-135
119E (SMC) CFM F108-CF-100 engine for KC-135
119F (SMC) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-102 engine for C-135
119T (SMC) Boeing EC-135
119Y (SMC) Boeing KC-135
119Z (SMC) Boeing C-135
WS-120A - BGM-75 AICBM (Advanced ICBM); project for a large MIRVed ICBM as a successor to Minuteman; cancelled
WS-121A Radioplane GAM-67 Crossbow
WS-121B Radioplane Longbow Anti-Radiation Missile
WS-122A McDonnell GAM-72 (ADM-20) Quail
WS-123A Fairchild SM-73 Bull Goose
WS-124A - "Flying Cloud" Strategic Biological/Chemical Bombardment Balloon System
WS-125A - Nuclear-Powered Bomber
WS-126A Cornell Aero Lab. BDM (Bomber Defense Missile)
(127) (No information)
WS-128A - "Penetration System No.1" (no details known)
WS-129A General Dynamics FB-111 Aardvark
WS-130A - Air-to-surface missile for WS-110A and WS-125A
WS-131B North American GAM-77 (AGM-28) Hound Dog
WS-132A - Bomber Defense Missile for WS-110A
WS-132B - Decoy Missile project
WS-133A Boeing SM-80 (LGM-30) Minuteman
133B (SMC) Boeing LGM-30F
133G (SMC) Boeing LGM-30G
133Z (SMC) Boeing LGM-30F/G
(134) (No information)
WS-135A - "Man in Space" System (SAC)
(136...137) (No information)
WS-138A Douglas GAM-87 (AGM-48) Skybolt (also RS-638A)
WS-139A Rockwell B-1A
WS-140A Boeing AGM-69 SRAM
140Z (SMC) Boeing AGM-69A
142A (SMC) Martin Marietta AGM-142A Have Nap
169A - ??? ALBM (Bold Orion/Skybolt)
WS-198A - Nuclear Program (no details known)
WS-199A - SAC System Studies
WS-199B Martin Bold Orion ALBM
WS-199C Lockheed High Virgo ALBM
WS-199D McDonnell Alpha Draco Hypersonic Boost-Glide Vehicle
WS-199Y - High-Energy Fuel Studies
WS-200A Boeing IM-99 (CIM-10) Bomarc
WS-201A Convair F-102 Delta Dagger
WS-201B Convair F-106 Delta Dart
WS-201L Convair TF-102 Delta Dagger
201E (SMC) Pratt & Whitney J75-P-17 engine for QF-106
201W (SMC) Convair F-106A/B, QF-106A/B
WS-202A North American F-108 Rapier with AN/ASG-18 FCS and GAR-9 (AIM-47) missile
(203) (No information)
WS-204A Republic XF-103
WS-205G Northrop F-89J Scorpion
WS-206A North American F-86D Sabre
WS-207L Lincoln Laboratories (No information)
WS-208A Hughes GAR-11 (AIM-26) Nuclear Falcon
(209) (No information)
WS-210A - SAMOS (Satellite Missile Observation System); originally WS-117M
(211) (No information)
WS-212L - AWCS (Air Weapons Control System); became SS-412L
WS-213L - DEW (Distant Early Warning) Line; became 413L
WS-214M Lockheed RC-121C, TC-121C, EC-121C Constellation
(215) (No information)
WS-216L - SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) Air Defense System; became SS-416L
WS-217A McDonnell F-101B Voodoo
WS-218A Bendix IM-70 Talos
(219) (No information)
WS-220A Hughes GAR-1/2/3/4 (AIM-4) Falcon
WS-221A Philco/Ford GAR-8 (AIM-9) Sidewinder
221Z (SMC) - AIM-9 Sidewinder
222A - Wizard Anti-Missile Missile
222G - Advanced Electro-Optical Countermeasures
(223) (No information)
WS-224A Western Electric XLIM-49A Nike Zeus
(225) (No information)
226Z (SMC) Raytheon AIM-7 Sparrow
WS-239A - MIDAS (Missile Defense Alarm System) (became AFP-461)
279L - MER-6A rocket: ERCS (Emergency Rocket Communications System) on XRM-91 (SLV-1) Blue Scout Junior
WS-299A - Air Defense System Studies
WS-300A - Figher-Bomber Study; became WS-306A
(301) (No information)
WS-302A Martin B-68 project
WS-303A Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
WS-303G Lockheed F-104G Starfighter
WS-303L Lockheed RF-104A Starfighter
303Z (SMC) Lockheed F-104 (for FMS only)
(304...305) (No information)
WS-306A Republic F-105 Thunderchief
WS-306B North American F-107
WS-306L Republic RF-105 Thunderchief
WS-307A Martin B-57 Canberra
WS-307L Martin RB-57 Canberra
WS-308A Douglas B-66 Destroyer
WS-308L Douglas RB-66 Destroyer
WS-309A Martin TM-76 (CGM/MGM-13) Mace
(310...313) (No information)
WS-314A Martin Marietta AGM-62 Walleye
WS-315A-1 Douglas SM-75 (PGM-17) Thor
WS-315A-2 Chrysler SM-78 (PGM-19) Jupiter
316Z (SMC) North American F-86 Sabre
317 - ATGAR (Anti-Tank Guided Air Rocket)
(318) (No information)
319Z (SMC) Hughes AGM-65 Maverick
(320) (No information)
WS-321A Martin GAM-83 (AGM-12) Bullpup
(322) (No information)
WS-323A - Tactical Strike/Reconnaissance System
WS-324A General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark
324A (SMC) General Dynamics F-111A, EF-111A
324G (SMC) General Dynamics F-111G
324L (SMC) General Dynamics EF-111A
324M (SMC) Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-111 engine (peculiar)
324N (SMC) Pratt & Whitney TF30 engine (common)
324Z (SMC) General Dynamics F-111
WS-325A - MMRBM (Mobile Medium Range Ballistic Missile)
WS-326A McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom
WS-327A McDonnell Douglas RF-4 Phantom
327E (SMC) General Electric J79 engine for F-4
327Z (SMC) McDonnell Douglas F-4
328A (SMC) McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle
328D (SMC) McDonnell Douglas F-15D
328E (SMC) McDonnell Douglas F-15E
328Z (SMC) McDonnell Douglas F-15
329A (SMC) Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt
329F (SMC) General Electric TF34-GE-100A engine for A-10
329Z (SMC) Fairchild A-10A, OA-10A
(330...334) (No information)
335A (SMC) Cessna A-37A
336A (SMC) Rockwell OV-10A Bronco
337A (SMC) LTV A-7D Corsair
380A (SMC) Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100 engine
380B (SMC) Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-200 engine
380E (SMC) Pratt & Whitney F100 engine
380F (SMC) Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 engine
380N (SMC) Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 engine
380P (SMC) General Electric F110-GE-129 engine
WS-398B - Theater Ballistic Missile (TMX)
WS-399A - Tactical System Studies
WS-399B - Zero-Length Launch study
SS-400L Lockheed C-130 Hercules
SS-400M Lockheed RC-130 Hercules
SS-400N Lockheed AC-130 Hercules
400B (SMC) Lockheed AC-130H
400C (SMC) Lockheed AC-130U
400E (SMC) Allison T56 engine for C-130
400G (SMC) Lockheed MC-130E
400H (SMC) Lockheed MC-130H
400Z (SMC) Lockheed C-130
SS-401L Douglas C-132
SS-402L Douglas C-133 Cargomaster
(403) (No information)
404L - TRACALS (Traffic Control And Landing System); now ATCALS (Air Traffic Control And Landing System)
405B - Spaceborne Laser Communications System
405C - Laser Countermeasures
405D - Joint Laser/ECCM Project
(406) (No information)
407L - TACS (Tactical Air Control System); now GTACS (Ground Theater Air Control System)
(408...409) (No information)
410L - Area Surveillance Control System
410A (SMC) Lockheed C-5A Galaxy
410B (SMC) Lockheed C-5B
410E (SMC) General Electric TF39-GE-1C engine for C-5
410Z (SMC) Lockheed C-5A/B
411L - AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System)
411E (SMC) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-100A engine for E-3B/C
411Z (SMC) Boeing E-3B/C
SS-412L - "Quickdraw" AWCS (Air Weapons Control System); originally WS-212L
413L - Distant Early Warning System (DEW LINE)
414L - Atmospheric Early Warning System (Back-Scatter Over-the-Horizon Radar)
SS-414M - Electronic Countermeasures System
415L - MACIMS (Military Airlift Command Integrated Management System)
SS-416L - SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) Air Defense System; originally WS-216L
416M - BUIC (Backup Interceptor Control); used with SAGE
416M - White Sands Missile Range Surveillance System
416P - "SEEK DAWN" Semi-Automated Air Surveillance System
416Q - "Common Digitizer" Data Processing System for SAGE/BUIC
417L - Surveillance/Control/Weather Satellite
418L - Ryukyu Air Defense System
418M - Hawaiian Air Defense System
(419) (No information)
SS-420A Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter
SS-420L Northrop T-38 Talon
420W (SMC) Northrop T-38A/B
420Z (SMC) Northrop F-5 (Navy & FMS only)
(421) (No information)
SS-422L Boeing KC-135
423L - COMLOGNET (Combat Logistics Network); later DATACOM and AUTODIN (Automatic Digital Network)
SS-424L Cessna T-37
424Z (SMC) Cessna T-37B
SS-425L - NORAD Combat Operations Center
SS-426L Radioplane/Bendix Q-4 (AQM-35)
SS-426M - Supersonic Drone
SS-427L Lockheed XQ-5 (AQM-60) Kingfisher
427M - MACIMS (415L) and NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex (425L) Improvement Program
428A - TIPI/MAGIS (Tactical Information Processing and Interpretation/Marine Air Ground Intelligence System)
428L - MEECN/GWEN (Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network/Ground Wave Emergency Network)
SS-429L Teledyne Ryan Q-2 (AQM-34) Firebee
429Z (SMC) Teledyne Ryan AQM-34L/M, BQM-34A Firebee
430A - Photoprocessing and Interpretation Facility (ES-75)
SS-431L - TRACALS (Traffic Control And Landing System) incl. AN/FPN-47
431G - Electro-Optical Warfare
SS-432L - Crash Locator System
SS-433L - METRO Weather Observation and Forecasting System
WS-434 - NAVSPASUR (Naval Space Surveillance System)
435A - NNSS (Navy Navigational Satellite System)
435L - ARIA (Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft)
436M - "SEED CUPS" SAC Command & Control System
437A - Nuclear-Armed Unguided Satellite Inspection System
SS-438L - AIDS Intelligence Data Handling System
439L - Sea Coastal Cable Communications System
440L - Forward Scatter Over-the-Horizon Radar System (AN/FRT-80 transmitter, AN/FSQ-76 receiver)
441A - "COBRA MIST" Back-Scatter Over-the-Horizon Missile Warning Radar (AN/FPS-95)
441L - AFSATCOM (Air Force Satellite Communication) System
442L - (related to?) X-7A-3, X-7B
SS-443L Bell H-40 (UH-1) Iroquois
443Z (SMC) Bell HH-1H, UH-1N
(444) (No information)
SS-445L - Jet Transport Support System
SS-445M - Supersonic Transport
446A (SMC) DH Canada C-7A Caribou (FMS only)
447L North American X-15; designation later changed to RS-605A
(448...449) (No information)
450A - Tactical LORAN System (AN/ARN-101(V))
451D - "COMBAT GRANDE" Spanish Air Defense System
451L (SMC) - JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System) (also 634B)
SS-452L Rockwell T-39 Sabreliner
452Z (SMC) Rockwell T-39A/B
453L Avro Canada Disc-Shaped VTOL Aircraft Project; designation later changed to WS-606A
(454) (No information)
SS-455L - Project "HYWARDS" (Hypersonic Weapons Research & Development Supporing System)
456L - "Quadrajector" (Display System for SAC)
(456L is also reported as "Global Communications System")
(457) (No information)
458L - Wideband Transmission System
RS-459L - "Brass Bell" Reconnaissance System
SS-460L - Weather Reconnaissance Suite for WC-135
460A (SMC) - Radar System for E-8C
460B (SMC) - Operation & Control System for E-8C
460C (SMC) - Communication System for E-8C
460Z (SMC) Northrop Grumman/Boeing E-8C
WS-461L - High-Altitude Balloon Reconnaissance System
SS-462L Beechcraft Q-12 (AQM-37)
SS-463L - Pallet Cargo Handling System for Aircraft
SS-464L Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar (also RS-620A)
SS-465L - SACCS (Strategic Air Command Control System)
SS-466L - Electromagnetic Intelligence System (collection, processing, distribution & transmission of ELINT data)
SS-467L - Advanced Navigational Training Support System
SS-468L - UCX Utility/Transport (T-40)
469L - CORTS (Conversion Of Range Telemetry Systems)
470L - Communications Satellite System
SS-471L Boeing CH-46 and CH-47 Chinook
SS-472L - Support System Test Aircraft
SS-473L - USAF Command & Control System
SS-474L - BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System)
474N - SLBM Detection System (AN/FSS-7)
(475) (No information)
SS-476L Lockheed C-141 Starlifter
476E (SMC) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-7A engine for C-141B
476L (SMC) Lockheed C-141B
477L - NUDETS (Nuclear Detonation Detection and Reporting System)
SS-478A Vought XC-142A
478T (SMC) - TRITAC (Tri-Service Tactical Communications System) Telephone Switching System
(479) (No information)
SS-480L - USAF Communications System
SS-481B Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post
481L (SMC) - SAC PACCS (Post Attack Command & Control System); used in EC-135, EB-47
481Z (SMC) Boeing E-4B
482L - EMS (Emergency Mission Support System); incorporated in 407L
482B (SMC) Sikorsky TH-53A for SOF (Special Operations Forces)
482E (SMC) General Electric T64-GE-100 engine for TH-53A, MH-53J
482M (SMC) Sikorsky MH-53J
482Z (SMC) - 650 Gal. Tank & Pylon for HH-53
483L - "ACE KING"/"Doublesteel" Air/Ground Digital Secure Teletype Communication System
484L - "SOFT TALK" Secure Voice/Teletype Communication System; a.k.a. Presidential Aircraft Support System
484M - "BUILD BACK" HF Equipment (stored in National Guard armories)
484N - "WET WASH" Pacific Communication System
484L (SMC) - SCOPE (System Capable Of Planned Expansion) Command; related to HFGCS (High Frequency Global Communication System)
485L - TACSI (Tactical Air Control System Improvements); follow-on to System 407L
485Z (SMC) Sikorsky CH-3E, HH-3E
486L - "DEEP SEA" Mediterranean Communications System
487L - SLFCS (Survivable Low Frequency Communication System); now MEECN (Minimum Essential Emergency Communication Network)
487M - Special Purpose LF/VLF Communication System
488L - "GREEN PINE" NAUHF (Northern Area Ultra High Frequency) Radio System
489L - Northern Area Command System
490L - AUTOVON DCS (Automatic Voice Network of the Defense Communications System)
490M - PAIL (Post Attack Intercontinental Link)
(491) (No information)
492L - US STRICOM Command & Control
493L - AUTOSEVOCOM (Automatic Secure Voice Communications)
494L - ERCS/PARCS (Emergency/Post Attack Rocket Communications System)
SS-495L - Mark XII IFF
495L - USAF AMC (Air Mobility Command) C2IPS (Command & Control Information Processing System)
SS-496L - "Spacetrack" SPADATS (Space Objects Detection, Tracking & Identification System); used with SS-474L
SS-497A - Miscellaneous NASA System Work
497L - "Quickpass" ADS (Automatic Digital Switching System)
497L (SMC) - NMD (National Missile Defense) Ground Based Sensor
SS-498A - ARPA Work Orders
SS-498C Lockheed SC-130B Hercules
SS-498D - Strategic Communications System
SS-498E - MATS Modernization
498L (SMC) - MILSTAR SatCom
SS-499A - Supporting System Planning
SS-499C - Advanced System and Space Vehicle Studies
SS-499D - Intelligence and Reconnaissance Systems Study
500L (SMC) - Ground Communication Product Group
OS-520B - Support Equipment
OS-530A - Guidance and Weapons
542N (SMC) - Shelters
OS-550A - Aeronautical Equipment
OS-550E - Propulsion
OS-560A - Electronics and Communications
OS-560F - Reconnaissance and Intelligence
OS-570A - Aerospace Environment
OS-580A - Human Factors
OS-580E - Targets and Drones
590K (SMC) - Base Maintenance and Support Equipment Spares
591K (SMC) - GBU-15/B
592K (SMC) - LGB (laser Guided Bomb)
RS-600A - Advanced Systems
RS-601A Lockheed X-7
601L - Advanced Aerospace Offensive System
RS-602A Bell XV-3
602L - Advanced Aerospace Defensive System
RS-603A Ryan X-13; became 693A
603L - Tactical Forces System
RS-604A - VTOL Aircraft Problem Investigation
RS-605A North American X-15; originally 447L
WS-606A Avro Canada Supersonic Disc-Shaped VTOL Aircraft Project (related to VZ-9 Avrocar)
RS-607A Hiller X-18
(608) (No information)
TS-609A - Hypersonic Environment Test Vehicle (XRM-89/90/91 Blue Scout)
(610...613) (No information)
RS-614A - Advanced AICBM
(615) (No information)
616A - MEECN (Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network) Modem and Antenna
(617) (No information)
RS-618A - Dispersed Site VTOL
(619) (No information)
RS-620A Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar project (also SS-464L)
621A - SAINT (Satellite Interceptor) Satellite Inspection System (also RS-649F); became AFP-706
621B - Manned SAINT (Satellite Interceptor), a.k.a. SAINT II
621B - USAF Navigation Satellite System; became 666A
WS-622A - Discoverer satellite program
623A United Technology Corp. Large Solid-Propellant Launch Vehicle Rocket Motor
624A Martin Standardized Launch System (SLV-5 Titan III)
RS-625A - Manned Nuclear Aircraft Propulsion
(626) (No information)
627A - ABRES (Advanced Ballistic Reentry System) Research
632P (SMC) - AN/AAR-44 for C-130
633F - Stellar Inertial Doppler System
634A - "COBRA DANE" Radar
634B - JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System) (also 451L)
635P (SMC) Lundy AN/ALE-24 for B-52
RS-638A Douglas GAM-87 (AGM-48) Skybolt (alsoWS-138A)
639P (SMC) Marconi (Tracor) AN/ALE-40 for A-7, A-10, C-130, F-4, F-5, F-16, HH-53
640P (SMC) Marconi AN/ALE-45 for F-15
641P (SMC) Marconi AN/ALE-47 for F-16
642A - "SEEK POINT" AN/TPB-1A radar system
643P (SMC) - AN/ALM-233 (test set for AN/ALQ-184) for A-10, F-16, F-4G
648A Lockheed AGENA D
648D - Supersonic Flight Control Research
648P (SMC) - AN/ALQ-99 for EF-111A
RS-649A - SAC Experimental Vehicle Studies
WS-649C - Mach 2+ VSTOL Tactical Fighter
RS-649D - Advanced AICBM
RS-649E - Space Counterweapons System
RS-649F - SAINT (Satellite Interceptor) Satellite Inspection System (also 621A); became AFP-706
649L - Space Combat Weapon System
649P (SMC) Northrop Grumman (Westinghouse) AN/ALQ-101 for F-4
RS-650A - Test Instrumentation
651A - Scramjet-Powered SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) Aerospaceplane
652P (SMC) Motorola AN/ALQ-122 for B-52
RS-655A - Advanced Subsystems and Components (Propulsion)
655A Marquardt LASRM (Low Altutude Short Range Missile)
655P (SMC) Northrop Grumman (Westinghouse) AN/ALQ-131 for F-16, F-4, F-15, F-111
656P (SMC) Northrop Grumman AN/ALQ-135 for F-15
660P (SMC) Northrop Grumman AN/ALQ-155 for B-52, MC-130
661P (SMC) AIL AN/ALQ-161 for B-1B
664P (SMC) ITT AN/ALQ-172 for B-52
RS-665A - Advanced Subsystems and Components (Electronics)
665A - Airborne Command Post C-130 or Multi-Sensor Airborne Reconnaissance/Strike System
666A - Integrated NavSat/Inertial Test System; originally 621B
666C (SMC) Raytheon AN/ALQ-184 items used on systems other than F-4 & F-16
666P (SMC) Raytheon AN/ALQ-184 for F-16, F-4
667A - Integrated Flight Control System for Manned Aerospace Vehicles
668A USAF FDL Investigation of the effects of airframe after-body/nozzle design on drag and thrust
670B - Conventional Weapons Guidance Technology
672A - Advanced ICBM Technology Program
672M (SMC) Lockheed Martin AN/ALR-56M Advanced Radar Warning Receiver
672P (SMC) Lockheed Martin (Loral) AN/ALR-56 for F-15, F-16C/D, RF-4C
674P (SMC) Litton AN/ALR-69 for F-4, F-16, A-10, C-130, HH-53
RS-675A - Advanced Subsystems and Components (Guidance and Weapons)
679A - Advanced Air-to-Surface Missile Technology
680J - Survivable Flight Control System
681D - Space Guidance Instruments
681E - BISS (Base(?) Installation Security System)
683A - "Vela" Nuclear Detection Satellite
683J - TACS (Tactical Air Control System) Automation Studies
683V (SMC) Boeing T-43A
RS-685A - Advanced Subsystems and Components (Human Factors)
686F - Development of Aircraft Flight Simulation Complex
687J - TACSATCOM (Tactical Satellite Communications)
687P (SMC) - Blanker for F-16
690K (SMC) - Vehicle Equipment Spares
691C - Multiband Decoy for AGM-86
691X - ECM Technology
691Z - Software Development for WWMCCS (World Wide Military Command & Control System) Operational Support
693A Ryan X-13; originally RS-603A
RS-695x - Advanced development support:
695A: RAND
695B: Analytical Service, Inc. (ANSER)
695C: Itek Corp.
695L: Lincoln Lab.
695N: Space Technology Lab., Atlas
695P: Space Technology Lab., Titan
695Q: Space Technology Lab., Thor
695R: Space Technology Lab., Minuteman
695S: Space Technology Lab., Samos/Midas
736P (SMC) Condor Systems AN/APR-46A Panoramic Receiver for MH-53J
741P (SMC) - TEWS (Tactical Electronic Warfare System) test equipment for F-15
742P (SMC) - AN/AAQ-13 LANTIRN Navigation Pod (peculiar to F-15, F-16)
743C (SMC) - AN/AAQ-14 LANTIRN Target Pod (common)
743P (SMC) - AN/AAQ-14 LANTIRN Target Pod (peculiar to F-15, F-16)
754P (SMC) - AN/ALM-234
802L (SMC) - SAC HF/SSB (High Frequency/Single Sideband) radio system
802L (SMC) - SCOPE Command; see 484L
806L (SMC) - Range Threat System (threat radar simulators; equipment for assessing effectiveness in ground attack training; also 846L)
807L (SMC) - DSP (Defense Support Program)
817L (SMC) - Technical Sensor Collection Systems ("COBRA DANE" AN/FPS-108, "COBRA JUDY" AN/SPQ-11, "COBRA SHOE")
823L (SMC) - USAF communications not in other networks
832L (SMC) - DMSP (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program)
834L (SMC) - NAVSTAR GPS (Global Positioning System)
846L (SMC) - Range Threat System (also 806L)
952Z (SMC) - C-47 (FMS only)
956Z (SMC) - C-118 (FMS only)
968H - "PACER HARMONY" Joint Surveillance System

3 Other Projects


There are some numbers in my "database", which are associated with USAF projects, but don't seem to fall into the "MX", "WS/SS/RS" and "System" designation lists. Instead the numbers are usually just prefixed with "Project", "Program", "AFP" (Air Force Program) or not at all. It is possible that some of the numbers (especially the 3-digit ones) actually belong to the "System" numbering series of the preceding section.

     AFP-43: Meteorological Satellite; early version of AFP-417
Program 102: Heavy ELINT Satellite (also 698, 704, 770)
Program 110: "GAMBIT" (KH-8) Reconnaissance Satellite (also 1700)
Program 162: "CORONA" (KH-1/2/3/4, Discoverer-A/B) Reconnaissance Satellite (also 846)
Program 188: "GAMBIT" (KH-7) Reconnaissance Satellite (also 206)
    AFP-201: SAMOS version (see also WS-210A)
Program 202: Reentry Test Vehicle; continued by 698AN
Program 206: "GAMBIT" (KH-7) Reconnaissance Satellite (also 188)
        244: Large Multi-Purpose Synchronous Satellite
        266: Integrated Reconnaissance/Early Warning System; became 949
        287: MOL (Manned Orbital Laboratory); also AFP-632
    AFP-313: Data Relay Satellite (satellite manufactured by Hughes)
    AFP-366: "CHALET" SIGINT Satellite
        369: Random Satellite Communication System
    AFP-417: Military Meteorological Satellite System (satellites manufactured by RCA); possibly
             identical to 417L
    AFP-461: MIDAS (Missile Defense Alarm System)
    AFP-472: Classified Satellite ("RHYOLITE"?); possibly related/identical to 720
Program 437: "Thor" Anti-Satellite Missile
Program 467: "HEXAGON" (KH-9A, "Big Bird") Reconnaissance Satellite (also 1900)
Program 505: Satellite Intercept and Destruction System
        572: Interim Defense Satellite Communications System
    AFP-612: Precursor to 467
    AFP-632: "DORIAN" (KH-10) Manned Orbital Laboratory MOL; also 287
        633: Satellite Interceptor
        641: MIDAS Satellite ???
    AFP-647: Integrated Missile Warning System
    AFP-658: "SDS-2-2" Communications Satellite
Program 694BH: same as AFP-417
Program 698: Heavy ELINT Satellite (also 102, 704, 770)
        698AA: Bioastronautic Orbiting Space System
        698AM: Manned Space Satellite Surveillance System; related to 823
        698AN: Reentry Test Vehicle; superseded by X-23A PRIME
        698CK: Advanced Electronic Devices
        698DC: VTOL Flight Control Research
        698DF: Airborne Tactical Bombardment System
Program 704: Heavy ELINT Satellite (also 102, 698, 770)
    AFP-706: Project SAINT (Co-Orbital Satellite Inspection System); also 621A, RS-649F
    AFP-711: "JUMPSEAT" ELINT Satellite (World-Wide Radar Mapping Satellite System)
    AFP-720: SAMOS (Satellite Missile Observation System)
    AFP-720A: Advanced SAMOS
        726: Synchronous Communications Satellite System; became 814
        726: Reentry Test Vehicle; cancelled; continued by 202
    AFP-731: "IKON" ("Improved CRYSTAL") (KH-12?) Reconnaissance Satellite
        749: OASIS Sea Surveillance Satellite System
Program 750A: Mechanics of Flight Research Program
Program 770: Heavy ELINT Satellite (also 102, 698, 704)
        777: DSCS (Defense Satellite Communications System) II
        814: Synchronous Communications Satellite System; originally 726
        823: VELA HOTEL Satellite
    AFP-827: "CANYON" SIGINT Satellite
Program 846: "CORONA" (KH-1/2/3/4, Discoverer-A/B) Reconnaissance Satellite (also 162)
        920: Photographic Satellite
Program 922: Non-Nuclear Anti-Satellite System using "Thor" missiles (similar to 437)
    AFP-949: Reconnaissance and Early Warning System (part of AFP-647); originally 266
        980: Electromagnetic Signal Monitoring Satellite

Project 1005: Miniature Vehicle study by the Air Force Space Division
Program 1010: "KENNAN"/"CRYSTAL" (KH-11) reconnaissance satellite (also 5500)
Project 1105: Integrated computer-aided manufacturing
Program 1115: "CORONA" reconnaissance satellite (also 846 and 162)
Project 1118: USAF Nuclear Walleye (AGM-62)
Project 1132: Monopulse seeker for AIM-7F (to counter countermeasures)
Project 1136: SATIN IV
Project 1144: Automated technical control (what's that??)
Project 1155: Study of signatures for optical intelligence
Project 1156: Study of signatures for radiation intelligence
Project 1157: Study of signatures for FLIR sensors
Project 1174: Intelligence security equipment
Project 1177: Non-cooperative identification (for F-15); AN/ASX-2(??)
Project 1182: Landmass simulator for F-111 training device
Project 1190: Precision Emitter Location Strike System (PELLS); see also 1947
Project 1226: X-15 (some sources quote this as "MX-1226", but this is incorrect)
Project 1227: Ryan X-13 VTOL aircraft; project number later re-used
Project 1227: Terminal-oriented technologies for space communications
Project 1230: Tactical expendable drones
Project 1239: Eurasian threat systems
Project 1308: New threat electronic warfare simulator
Project 1366: Aerodynamics and flight mechanics research; part of Program 750A
Project 1368: Structural configuration concepts for aerospace vehicles; part of Program 750A
Project 1466: ASSET (Aerothermodynamic/Elastic Structural Systems Environmental Tests);
              part of Program 750A; flight vehicles by McDonnell
Project 1472: Small gain-changing amplifier by AF Flight Dynamics Lab
Program 1559: PAVE SPOT program (AN/AVQ-12)
Project 1627: Simulation analysis and evaluation
Program 1700: "GAMBIT" (KH-8) reconnaissance satellite (also 110)
Project 1794: Disc-shaped aircraft research by Avro Canada (some sources quote this as "MX-1794", but this is incorrect)
Project 1815: EOGB (Electro-Optical Guided Bomb)
Project 1823: Base & Installation Security Systems (BISS)
Program 1900: "HEXAGON" (KH-9A, "Big Bird") reconnaissance satellite (also 467)
Project 1901: Modular Guided Glide Bomb MGGB-2; related to GBU-15(V) and PAVE STRIKE
Project 1947: Emitter location system (PELLS); related to PAVE STRIKE
Project 1949: Airborne Location & Strike System (ALSS); related to PAVE STRIKE
Project 1955: DOD indications & warning
Project 1993: Advanced concepts, studies & analysis for strategic bomber penetration
Project 2000: ECM program by AF Avionics Lab (active RF & electro-optical countermeasures)
Project 2001: Laser & electro-optical technology
Project 2002: Microwave & radar technology
Project 2003: Avionic system design technology (DAIS)
Project 2004: Aerospaceborne reconnaissance
Project 2028: Space segment technologies for DSCS, SSS, GPSCS
Project 2029: Systems analysis & demonstrations for DSCS, SSS, GPSCS
Project 2053: Foreign Technology Division intelligence processes
Project 2056: AN/AVQ-26 PAVE TACK pod
Project 2057: Quick Strike Reconnaissance; also 2257??
Project 2059: AN/FPS-115 PAVE PAWS
Project 2068: Advanced seekers for conventional munitions
Project 2073: Counter missile protective system for F-15
Project 2074: AN/ALQ-125 Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance (TEREC) sensor for RF-4C; also 2704??
Project 2094: Airborne data automation set
Project 2096: AN/TSQ-90()(V) Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing & Evaluation System
Project 2106: Photogrammetric target system (deployable database); related to PAVE STRIKE
Project 2107: Multi-mission RPV; related to PAVE STRIKE
Project 2114: Antenna Test Range
Project 2121: SEEK SKYHOOK
Project 2126: Space surveillance technology: cryogenic cooler
Project 2127: Space surveillance technology: measurements
Project 2128: Ground-based deep space surveillance radar
Project 2129: Study of space surveillance concepts
Project 2130: Satellite attack warning
Project 2134: Miniature space defense systems
Project 2135: Advanced space defense systems
Project 2144: Imaging infrared guidance; related to PAVE STRIKE
Project 2145: Helmet-mounted laser acquisition sight
Project 2152: Mission engineering support
Project 2157: DCS long-haul communications transmission improvements
Project 2167: SPADATS improvements
Project 2174: Tactical intelligence equipment; also 2716??
Project 2184: Covert night sensor
Project 2189: Ground & Amphibious Military Operations (GAMO)
Project 2206: Digital European Backbone (DRAMA): AN/FCC-88/89, AN/FRC-171/173, TSEC/KG-81
Project 2210: Mixed mode countermeasures
Project 2222: Advanced electro-optic countermeasures pod
Project 2241: Instrumented target vehicle (ASAT tests)
Project 2257: Same as/related to 2057??
Project 2272: Active ECM systems for F-16
Project 2273: Warning systems (INEWS)
Project 2274: Special operations aircraft dispensers and expendables for AC-130, MC-130, CH-53
Project 2277: Anti-jam UHF voice communications: HAVE QUICK(?)
Project 2285: Study of threat systems
Project 2286: Improvement of ACMI range equipment/simulated ground-based radar jamming equipment
Project 2288: Standard cryogenic cooler
Project 2305: Defense research sciences electronics project
Project 2307: Integrated tactical ew system
Project 2315: Automated support of tactical intelligence
Project 2317: Tactical information distribution (Integrated Burst Communications)
Project 2323: Radar prediction system
Project 2333: Ground radar eccm (digitally coded radar)
Project 2334: Airborne radar eccm
Project 2335: Phased-array antenna for troposcatter systems or communications & navigation ECCM (SEEK TALK)
Project 2337: Advanced reconnaissance camera capability
Project 2345: Jam-resistant imagery transmission
Project 2347: Optical counter-countermeasures
Project 2353: Advanced concept development for strategic bomber penetration
Project 2355: Advanced drone/RPV
Project 2360: Visual systems for fighter/attack simulator
Project 2363: Advanced video technology project
Project 2368: Tactical reconnaissance data link
Project 2387: Intra-theater imagery transmission system
Project 2403: Flight control
Project 2423: Materials & processes for optical, electromagnetic & electrical subsystems
Project 2432: Radar warning & power management (INEWS)
Project 2435: Joint services electro-optical guided weapons countermeasures test
Project 2442: Home-on-jam demonstration with GBU-15
Project 2472: Advanced technology fighter
Project 2479: Common support equipment
Project 2519: Airborne radar improvements
Project 2543: Effectiveness of advanced missile seekers & processor technology in conventional weapons
Project 2612: Satellite system survivability
Project 2704: Tactical electronic reconnaissance sensor; same as 2074?? (typo in number?)
Project 2709: Integrated turbine engine monitoring system
Project 2746: Low probability of intercept communications; HAVE LACE
Project 2769: Flight simulator development: B-1B, F-15, F-16, T-46, AN/ALQ-99
Project 2829: Crew systems technology
Project 2879: Area reprogramming capability for AN/ALQ-161
Project 2900: Radar Target Scatter (RATSCAT) upgrade
Project 2978: Hardware development for AFTI F-16 (AMAS)
Project 2995: Advanced tactical fighter
Project 3033: Advanced power sources for space systems
Project 3034: Advanced power sources for aircraft systems
Project 3036: Advanced power sources for missile systems
Project 3037: Noise & sonic boom impact technology
Project 3080: Generic integrated maintenance diagnostics; for B-1B
Project 3106: Protective systems for A-10; AN/ALE-47(V)
Project 3107: Protective systems for Special Mission Aircraft
Project 3120: Seeker development
Project 3129: Integrated EW suite for MC-130H
Project 3141: Camouflage, concealment & detection
Project 3158: EW planning & management/integration of VHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuits)
Project 3178: Guidance system development
Project 3191: Central Integrated Test Set for B-1B
Project 3197: Software development for AFTI F-16 (AMAS)
Project 3224: High energy laser countermeasures
Project 3262: Radar maturation
Project 3307: External active camouflage
Project 3319: On-Board EW System (OBEWS); related ground-based equipment includes AN/MSQ-T22
Project 3320: Training equipment for Strategic Air Command: AN/MLQ-T4, AN/MSR-T4, AN/MST-T1A
Project 3321: Airborne radar ECCM
Project 3322: Infrared-guided bomb
Project 3365: Radar remoting appliqué
Project 3630: Joint EW Center
Project 3829: Infrared & optical countermeasures
Project 3833: RF generator/amplifier development
Project 4007: Tactical reconnaissance film processor
Project 4027: EW data processing techniques
Project 4036: Electronic warfare technology development
Project 4040: Development of an automatic ECCM system for aerospace vehicles
Program 4043: Development of ECM technology against communications, guidance & identification links of air-defense systems
Project 4053: Conversion of C-123 to NC-123 "BLACK SPOT" night attack aircraft
Project 4056: Infrared reconnaissance and surveillance technology development
Project 4062: Air-to-air/air-to-ground propagation studies
Project 4075: Aerospace reconnaissance and surveillance sensor development
Project 4076: Infrared detection, identification and tracking technology development
Project 4083: Deception countermeasures (ECCM) development
Project 4108: All-weather radar reconnaissance technology development
Project 4123: Investigation of flare effectiveness
Project 4144: High-precision air-to-ground delivery system development
Project 4156: Microelectronics research & development
Project 4159: Solid-state integrated circuit development
Project 4161: Material development for electromagnetic windows (radomes)
Project 4163: Electromagnetic detection/tracking sensor development
Project 4164: Tri-Service satellite communications technology development
Project 4167: Avionics systems development
Project 4200: Celestial navigation & guidance technology development
Project 4335: Aerospace communication links technology development
Project 4357: Reduction of electromagnetic interference in avionics systems
Project 4366: Integrated attack avionics 
Project 4367: All-weather air-to-air IFF technology development
Project 4421: Navigation & guidance computer technology development
Project 4431: INS (Inertial Navigation System) technology development
Project 4460: Solid-state microwave communication device development
Project 4506: Electromagnetic surveillance technology
Project 4519: ECCM for communications & control systems
Project 4594: Intelligence in command, control & communications
Project 4600: Electromagnetic radiation technology development (advanced antennas) by
              AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 4603: Long wave propagation & ionospheric interaction study
Project 4608: Study of radiation damage to solid-state electronics by AF Cambridge Research Labs
Project 4610: Information processing study by AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 4641: Data processing technology project by AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 4642: Study of reentry communications problems
Project 4643: Development of interferometer measurement techniques for missile tracking radar
              systems by AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 4645: Light-matter interaction study (to advance laser technology)
Project 4648: Information processing technology development by AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 4691: Study of upper air structure and composition by AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 4925: Development of penetration aids (ECM/ECCM) for aerospace vehicles
Project 4928: Passive spaceborne electromagnetic warfare systems development
Project 4939: Passive infrared countermeasures systems development for air-breathing & spaceborne vehicles
Project 5042: Development of high-resolution radar sensors for navigation, guidance, weapons delivery and reconnaissance
Project 5102: Inertial guidance system components development
Project 5177: Guidance system test methods & equipment development
Project 5199: Low-altitude radar penetration technology development
Project 5201: Navigation & guidance subsystems development
Project 5222: Airborne meteorological system development
Project 5227: Tactical aircraft self-defense & fire-control system development
Project 5237: Laser technology development
Project 5244: Laser communication & targeting technology development
Program 5500: "KENNAN"/"CRYSTAL" (KH-11) reconnaissance satellite (also 1010)
Project 5546: Development of IR and radar "stealth" technology
Project 5573: Microwave tubes & devices
Project 5579: Study of electromagnetic propagation techniques
Project 5615: Protective systems for B-52: AN/ALQ-154/155, AN/ALR-46, AN/ALT-28 update
Project 5616: Protective systems for F/FB-111: AN/AAR-38, AN/ALQ-137, AN/ALR-62
Project 5617: Protective systems for SR-71
Project 5618: Protective systems for F-15: TEWS AN/ALQ-135
Project 5619: Development of AN/ALQ-131(V)
Project 5620: Study of radiation effects on conductors, semiconductors and insulators
Project 5621: Study on the physics of solid state phenomena
Project 5628: Study on advanced communications processes by AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 5629: Radio astronomy and astrophysics study
Project 5631: Determination of lower atmosphere ionization effects by AF Electronic Systems Division
Project 5789: Highly maneuverable air-to-air missile project
Project 5971: Target acquisition aid for electro-optical weapons
Project 5972: ECCM technology
Project 5974: DME-guided SUU-54/B; related to PAVE STRIKE
Project 6096: Electronic device & circuits technology
Project 6114: Development of a mathematical model which can be computer implemented to synthesize the display
              presentation of high-resolution ground-mapping radar systems
Project 6220: Day/night reconnaissance & surveillance systems development
Project 6239: General studies of characteristics of new reconnaissance concepts and applications
Project 6244: Reconnaissance interpretation techniques
Project 6263: Electro-optical sensor, data processing and image display technology development
              for reconnaissance, surveillance & weapon-delivery
Project 6272: Reconnaissance data recording/reproducing materials research
Project 6278: Development of antenna design techniques
Project 6510: Flight test of threat system simulators/replica threat radars
Project 6512: Space surveillance techniques
Project 6519: Electromagnetic counter-countermeasures
Project 6527: Optical surveillance technology
Project 6530: Electronic intelligence analysis processing subsystem
Project 7062: Aerospace navigation & guidance computer subsystems development
Project 7511: Lightweight air-launched torpedo by Marconi Space & Defense Systems.
Project 7622: Tactical weapons delivery
Project 7629: Strategic weapons delivery
Project 7633: Passive electronic countermeasures
Project 7660: Space surveillance techniques
Project 7662: Avionic data transmission & reception
Project 7820: Project to increase communications security by Electronic Systems Division
Project 7844: Real-time internal damage assessment technology development
Project 7848: Development of advanced scoring techniques for missiles fired at aerospace targets
Project 7849: Development of ways to simulate the parameters of a threat aircraft with aerial targets and drones

Code Names

Since the 1960's, the Air Force usually assigns code names instead of numbers to its projects. Code names are composed of two reasonably short words, and some well-known examples are:

The first word is often one of a set of relatively few different words (SENIOR, HAVE, PAVE, PACER, COMPASS, QUICK and others), and operationally related programs use the same word (e.g. "SENIOR" denotes some kind of strategic system). For more information about these names, see article on Code Names for U.S. Military Projects and Operations.

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In no particular order:

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