Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles
Appendix 3: Space Vehicles
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Orbital Sciences Minotaur

The use of redundant LGM-30F Minuteman II missiles as space launch vehicles has been the subject of a number of proposals. Only one of these proposals resulted into an actual launch vehicle when Orbital Sciences combined the modified first and second stages of the Minuteman II missile with the Pegasus upper stages and avionics. Named the Minotaur, it gave the combination a launch capability of 640 kg into a low-Earth orbit.

Photo: Orbital Sciences

Stage Length Diameter Engine Fuel Thrust
17.50 m1.70 m1 Thiokol TX55solid791,424 N
24.10 m1.22 m1 Aerojet SR19solid267,730 N
33.60 m1.22 m1 Alliant Techs. Orion 50XLsolid153,508 N
42.10 m1.22 m1 Alliant Techs. Orion 38solid34,569 N

Specifications for Minotaur

The first use of the Minotaur was on 27 January 2000, when 10 satellites were placed in orbit, followed by a second launch on 19 July 2000.

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