Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles
Appendix 1: Early Missiles and Drones
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In July 1959, the USAF's WADC (Wright Air Development Center) requested the allocation of the designation XQ-11 to a so called "F-108 Airborne Target". This referred to a projected Mach 3+ aerial target for evaluation of the whole F-108 interceptor weapons system (WS-202A). However, USAF Headquarters did not approve the request, stating that a specific designation for the target would not be necessary at such an early stage of the program. In the end the WS-202A program, and with it the "F-108 Airborne Target", was cancelled before a F-108 prototype had been built.

Photo: USAF, via Ryan Crierie
F-108 Airborne Target (XQ-11)

The Q-11 designator was not used otherwise afterwards, and therefore the #11 slot in the Q-series remained unassigned.


No detailed specifications for the "F-108 Airborne Target" are available.

Main Sources

[1] USAF Aircraft Nomenclature Records

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