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Halcon Vista A JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) exercise.
Hammer Ace A rapid response communications team equipped with secure/protected voice, hand-held radios with base station repeater, ground to air, secure record communication.
Hammer Antran Alignment of transmission lines and antenna system within the Air Force Communications Service.
Hammer Boss A three-dimensional mobile communications system, cancelled.
Hammer Charlie An Air Force Communication Service program, cancelled.
Hammer Draw II Immediate action reassignment of personnel within the Air Force Communications Service.
Hammer Echo The in-garrison training network between mobile communications groups.
Hammer Hanger Communications failure on the northern area troposcatter system, cancelled.
Hammer Plug A satellite communications support program.
Hammer Rally A Mediterranean Troposcatter Communications System, part of the Air Force Communications Service carrying the system No. 486L.
Hammer Strike A program to activate mobile Air National Guard communication units, cancelled.
Hammer Team A tactical engineering and evaluation program, cancelled.
Hammer Traffic An improvement program for air traffic control communications.
Hammer Wheel A mobile communications resources reallocation program.
Hard Shell Second conversion program to fix B-52B/C/D fuel leaks, see also Blue Band and Quickclip, 01/1958
Harvest Bare A bare base equipment program.
Harvest Eagle A precursor to BARE BASE involving basic equipment for putting together a portable air base for installation at locations with an air strip and water.
Harvest People A logistics career management action plan.
Harvest Reaper Development project to make F-111A combat ready, lead to Combat Lancer
Harvest Stamps Standardized air munitions packages for Air Force aircraft.
Harvest Wheels A reserve vehicle pool under Air Force Logistics Command management.
Harvey Project, evolved to Have Blue
Hast Plume An injection infrared augmenter concept.
Hasty Aid An officer training school recruiter assistance program.
Hasty Blue An Air Force plan for centralized selection of students for UPT.
Hasty Charger A program to accelerate leadership development of select officers.
Hasty Fire An Air Force program to extend the life of T-37 aircraft.
Hasty Hawk Identification and selection of squadron commanders.
Hasty Jammer An Air Force Air Training Command requiring operational capability, cancelled.
Hasty Lad A quick logistics automated data program.
Hasty Piper Air Force temporary duty in recruiting offices.
Hasty Pointer A priority support of USAF advertising program.
Hasty Stag Air Training Command operations center alert notification.
Hasty Toro An Air Force contingency team.
Hasty Update A long range update of Air Training Command electronic warfare training, cancelled.
Have Accent A foreign technology collection program of the Air Force Systems Command.
Have Acorn Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division support of the Lightweight fighter prototype aircraft.
Have Acre The exercise of Electronic Systems Division warfare plans, cancelled.
Have Act Exploitation of a foreign aerospace system.
Have Aeolus An Air Force Cambridge Research Lab program, cancelled.
Have Agony The acquisition of foreign electronic research and development data by the Air Force Systems Command.
Have Aladdin A study of the atmospheric layer's density distribution of ion neutrals, cancelled.
Have Alibi An early program associated with the interdiction of enemy infiltration.
Have Atlas USAF TPS project, ATLAS = Adaptable Target Lighting Array System
Have Auger An Air Force project dealing with development of lenses for Low Light Level Television.
Have Bail Flight tests associated with the AN/TPS-44 radar set, used in the Air Force's 407L Tactical Air Control System (TACS).
Have Bait Analysis of a Czech MiG-17, which crashed in West Germany in 1968
Have Balance An argon laser, cancelled.
Have Ballast An improvement program for the Air Force's Range Instrumentation Ships.
Have Balm Air Force Systems Command program for techniques and systems used to overcome the capability for enemy anti-aircraft artillery installations.
Have Band Studies by the Air Force of possible laser applications.
Have Bar An Air Force Systems Command Ruby Laser, cancelled.
Have Base II Exploitation of electronic equipment.
Have Battle Exploitation of ordnance, cancelled.
Have Bell Support of an advanced medium STOL prototype aircraft by Aeronautical Systems Division.
Have Big II A composite collection system.
Have Bird Air Force exo-atmospheric radiation detection system studies under Project 647F.
Have Blanket Project involving "Red Hats" at Groom Lake in 1981
Have Blinders (I) USAF TPS project, looked at limited visibility for NASP
Have Blinders II USAF TPS project, looked at limited visibility for NASP
Have Blinders III USAF TPS project, looked at limited visibility for NASP
Have Block Mechanical diverter consisting of sheets of plexiglass to be placed between bombs in storage configuration. The program's intent was decreasing the energy of fragments that might strike other bombs stored nearby. 1985
Have Blue 2 Lockheed XST prototypes
Have Board Flight tests of equipment associated with the Advance Ballistic ReEntry Systems (ABRES), exploiting the foreign 80 mm rocket DAA-720.
Have Boat Analysis of a Chinese F-6 (MiG-19 copy) (c. 1978), possibly from Pakistan
Have Book Aerospace technical intelligence orientation courses.
Have Bounce Air Force program to determine behavior of different aircraft when operating over various types of runway repairs and to determine the degree to which repairs must be made to permit aircraft operations. Included tests of F-4E on runways repaired with AM-2 mats.
Have Bowl A specific intelligence collection system.
Have Boxer Evaluation of a MiG-23BN (as YF-113B), beginning in 1980.
Have Boy A fixed ground-mounted telemetry acquisition system.
Have Bracket Weapon system acquisition and employment associated with the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
Have Bridge Under this program, late 1960s to 1980s(?), at all times one test pilot acted as on-call specialist for limited technical evaluation of foreign material, wherever it becomes available.
Have Cab A phased array radar system developed by Air Force Systems Command.
Have Cabin Exploitation of a foreign laser rod system.
Have Cable Technique used to jam Soviet infrared guidance systems on Atoll air-to-air missiles.
Have Cable Air Force Systems Command specific application of an optical technique, cancelled.
Have Cake Air Force exploitation of an ordnance system.
Have Can Air Force Systems Command exploitation of electronic equipment.
Have Car Air Force Systems Command reposturing actions.
Have Cargo Air Force Systems Command exploitation of an ordnance system.
Have Charcoal AN/ALQ-204 Matador IRCM, on VC-25A and others
Have Charity U-2 test flights, Edwards AFB
Have Check A computerized file of Soviet Bloc scientific and technical personnel and their facility relationships located at the Foreign Technology Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.
Have Chrysalis Limited evaluation of the Stemme TG-11A motorglider for the USAF
Have Clutch Weapon system acquisition and employment associated with the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
Have Coat Evaluation of an Egyptian MiG-21MF, ca. 1980
Have Coffee Airborne measurement of ballistic missile radiation; used U-2D '56-6721'
Have Creed Air Force Systems Command exploitation of an ordnance program, cancelled.
Have Creed II Exploitation of a foreign munitions system.
Have Cube Exploitation of a foreign radar system, cancelled.
Have Cup Air Force project involving the Armaments Division and Sperry.
Have Curve Radar interference reports in the Far Eastern area.
Have Dark [...]
Have Dart A study of the overall defensive environment of North Vietnam (c. 1968)
Have Dash (I) Active-radar guided missile project
Have Dash II Stealthy AMRAAM class air-to-air missile, flat graphite-composite fuselage, Mach 3+, IR / ARH guided, flight tested with AIM-7 rocket motor, Loral / Ford Aerospace
Have Degree Exploitation of a Soviet stainless steel ingot.
Have Depth Air Force Systems Command television site B.
Have Desk Analyses of Soviet scrap metals in Battelle Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio; initiated in 1976
Have Detour Air Force Systems Command TV recording processing facilities and projects.
Have Djinn [...]
Have Dog Air Force Systems Command TV site A.
Have Door Exploitation of a foreign R&D materiel program.
Have Doughnut 1 MiG-21F-13, used for Air Combat Training at Groom Lake, USAF/USN joint project, predating Have Idea (1968)
Have Down Evaluation of a Mig-23ML(?), together with Have Lighter, ca. 1979.
Have Drag USAF TPS project, flame-out approach profiles for F-16s with stores
Have Drill YF-113A; one of two ex-Syrian MiG-17F from Israel, used for Air Combat Training at Groom Lake, USAF/USN joint project, predating Have Idea (1969); the other MiG-17F was covered by Have Ferry.
Have Dry Simulated air combat between a MiG-21F-13 and a pre-production F-15A, 1973
Have Dungeon Project to detect and track mobile cruise missiles and their launchers
Have Dye Exploitation of foreign laser crystals.
Have Eagle A scientific and technical exploitation program.
Have Echo (I) ?
Have Echo II U-2 test flights, Edwards AFB
Have Edge An Air Force Electronic Systems Division proposal for an operational effectiveness test facility program that would simulate the total effect of enemy weapons working in conjunction with one another in a given situation to see who would have the edge. At present existing facilities only provide for one-on-one situations, cancelled.
Have Education Exploitation of two foreign electronic and ordnance components.
Have Eel An improvement of the defensive capability for Air Force B-52 aircraft.
Have Effort Air Force Systems Command evaluation of certain components program.
Have Elder Exploitation of a foreign weapons system.
Have Elk Evaluation of equipment by the Air Development and Training Center.
Have Emblem The QRC-74-02 electronic warfare support program.
Have Enamel A radar return measurements system of the Air Force Systems Command, cancelled.
Have Exit AN/ALQ-117 (Pave Mint/Have Exit) Active Countermeasures Set; used in B-52G/H, C-130, E-3A, E-4A
Have Express A communications check and exercise of command emergency alerting procedures.
Have Eyes Air Force Systems Command trade fairs and technical conferences.
Have Faith An atmospheric research program conducted by the Air Force's Eastern Test Range.
Have Fault A personnel detector, probably developed for use in Southeast Asia by Air Force Systems Command.
Have Feast Exploitation of foreign air defense weapons systems associated with the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
Have Ferry YF-114C; one of two ex-Syrian MiG-17F from Israel, used for Air Combat Training at Groom Lake; the other MiG-17F was covered by Have Drill.
Have Fiddle An electronic components acquisition program.
Have Field A forward-scatter high-frequency collection program under the development of the Air Force.
Have File An Air Force instrumentation ship.
Have Fire Exploitation of foreign fuzes.
Have Fireman Evaluation of a MiG-23UB, 1983.
Have Flag Classified USAF tactical missile project (1993-??); possibilities include
- advanced dogfight missile
- ramjet-powered version of AMRAAM, supposedly used in Gulf War I
- long-range, high-speed stealthy air-to-surface missile
Have Flare Exploitation of a foreign radar system.
Have Flash USAF stealth-related Special Access Program (c. 1980s)
Have Flask Exploitation of pieces of a foreign aircraft engine, cancelled.
Have Flavor Exploitation of hardware by the Air Force Systems Command, cancelled.
Have Flood Acquisition of foreign military equipment.
Have Fly SAMSO support of the Navy C-4 program.
Have Foam Testing of the Soviet Radar Search Bomb Navigation (RSBN) weapon system (of a Soviet-bloc warplane) in Berlin (05/1978-06/1978)
Have Focus A program to test the feasibility of a low cost, miniature harassment drone equipped with a passive radio frequency sensor and a fragmentation warhead capable of homing in on and destroying an enemy mobile radar. Request for industry proposals for development of a low cost drone, known as the Locust, were issued in mid 1979.
Have Force Modification of the F-111A aircraft to the EF-111A configuration.
Have Fox A technical intelligence program concerning the Republic of Korea.
Have Gambit Exploitation of an ordnance program, cancelled.
Have Game A Soviet and Free World laser weapons program.
Have Garden Evaluation of Soviet R-13-300 turbojet engine (used in MiG-21) blade profiling and compressor maps by Pratt & Whitney (1978)
Have Genie An Air Force Systems Command geophysical experiment.
Have Girt Air Force Quick Reaction Capability program (QRC-493).
Have Glance IR countermeasure program, Loral, 1987
Have Glass Program to lower the RCS of F-16s
Have Glib Blanket project to cover foreign aircraft evaluation at Groom Lake, started 1970; succeeded by Have Idea.
Have Glint Exploitation of a military hardware program.
Have Gold Broad program to support ballistic missile flight tests, data collection & analysis, and many other ballistic missile related tasks.
includes NAIC (National Air Intelligence Center) program to launch of SVC AltAir target missiles (based on Minuteman ICBMs) from C-130s for TMD, ATSRDF Test on 01/30/1997
Have Halo An aerospace equipment evaluation program by the Air Force Systems Command.
Have Haul A special purpose signal analyzer.
Have Hear A radar program for electronic warfare laboratory and flight test.
Have Heart An ABRES hydrometeor erosion program.
Have Heat Exploitation of a foreign radar system.
Have Hemp Immediate procedures to cease operation of certain ECM equipment.
Have Hood Exploitation of military hardware.
Have Hop Name given to an exercise studying clear air turbulence and conducted by FAA, NASA, USAF and other agencies at Wallops Island, Virginia.
Have Horn Modified J-79-15 engines to a J-79-71A configuration for the F-4E jet, to reduce costs.
Have Horse A technological development program relevant to aerospace vehicle reentry system employed by the Soviet and Peoples Republic of China.
Have Host Two Dynamic Airblast Simulator (DABS) test facilities and four High Explosive Simulation Technique (HEST) test facilities at Luke Gunnery Range (south of Wellton, AZ). Involves a series of ten tests to determine the vulnerability/survivability of MX concepts, both buried trench and shelter.
Have Hub A program to develop a test release of selected weapons from a cargo aircraft.
Have Hull II Exploitation of military hardware.
Have Ice Exploitation of an electronics support system.
Have Idea Blanket program to cover foreign aircraft evaluation, incl. Air Combat Training with various MiGs; started in 1973 as successor to Have Glib; succeeded by Have Phoenix.
Have Idol A Communist block aerospace equipment model program.
Have Impart Exploitation of military hardware.
Have Incline A study of advanced high temperatures materials and structures of the Soviets and Peoples Republic of China.
Have Ink Exploitation of a weapons support system.
Have Insurance A simulator validation review task.
Have Island Procurement of foreign equipment.
Have Item A Soviet pulsed power technology program.
Have Ivory Exploitation of a foreign aerospace weapon system.
Have Jape Survey of organic material, cancelled.
Have Jar A video tape exchange with the U.K.
Have Jeep Inflatable ICBM decoy deployment experiments; possibly including corresponding tests of foreign radar system
Have Jewel A Tactical Air Command near-real-time reconnaissance test program.
Have Jilt Exploitation of a foreign hardware system.
Have Joist Exploitation of a foreign hardware system.
Have Jumble An electromagnetic intelligence collection program.
Have Keel A survey of organic material, cancelled.
Have Kerf Exploitation of foreign hardware, cancelled.
Have Key USAF Special Access Program; design effort by General Dynamics, part of the design work that led to the A-12A Avenger II
Have King Air Force aerial intercept photography.
Have Kit A ballistic streak camera development.
Have Lace Experimental laser communications program (1985-1986) using two C-135s, 60-0371 & 60-0372; 19 kbit/s link between the aircraft at ranges of up to 100 miles
Have Lake Exploitation of foreign extrusions.
Have Lamp An expendable countermeasures development, Project 5970.
Have Lance Unknown classified operation (c. 1978)
Have Lash A target collection study.
Have Leap A Space and Missile Test Center support of Minuteman III program.
Have Leapfrog An experimental airborne communications terminal.
Have Lemon Development of an armed RPV for suppression of enemy air defenses; related to Have Lime.
Have Lent 3 Three sounding rocket launches of air recoverable payloads from a facility at South Point Hawaii.
Have Lid Exploitation of organic materials.
Have Lighter Evaluation of a Mig-23ML(?), together with Have Down, ca. 1979.
Have Limb Exploitation of organic material.
Have Lime Development of an armed RPV for suppression of enemy air defenses; related to or follow-on to Have Lemon.
Have Link Exploitation of foreign military hardware.
Have List Exploitation of an unidentified type of foreign equipment.
Have Lite Lighter version of AGM-142A Popeye, Rafael/IAI
Have Load Unauthorized movement of aircraft.
Have Loan Evaluation of a German MiG-29, as YF-116A, in 1991.
Have Loop Exploitation of Strategic Air Command handheld photography.
Have Lore Direction-finder set, cancelled.
Have Lure Support of the F-15 weapon program.
Have Lute Exploitation of organic materials.
Have Mace Exploitation of organic materials.
Have Make A SADS II servo system improvement program, cancelled.
Have Mall An Air Force Systems Command exercise of war and emergency plans.
Have Malt Air Force Program 317J. No details known.
Have Mask An intelligence target identification and exploitation program.
Have Medico Project conducted by Aerospace Medical Division and Electronic Systems Division to determine requirements for data automation of Air Force medical information with ultimate objective to computerize all Air Force medical activities.
Have Memo A portable electronic equipment program.
Have Merlin A multiple experiment for research of lower ionospheric neutrals, cancelled.
Have Mill SAMSO Athena launches from Wake Island.
Have Mold SAMTEC Space and Missile Test Center logistic support program.
Have Mover SOCID-class air-to-surface weapon concept
Have Mug Exploitation of military hardware, cancelled.
Have Muse Exploitation of a foreign aerospace weapon system, cancelled.
Have Nail An analysis of military hardware program.
Have Name An Army and Air Force support subsystem. Funding was approximately $4 million in FY76, 77 and 78.
Have Nap AGM-142, TV/IR-guided missile, 750-pound warhead, based on IAI Popeye
Have Near A technology development program related to vulnerability of an advanced Soviet/Peoples Republic of China missile.
Have Note An Air Force classified program associated with the Electromagnetic Radiation Test Facility, to test susceptibility/vulnerability of selected weapons systems in terms of performance degradation given specific threat environments.
Have Novel Exploitation of a foreign rocket system.
Have Orator Exploitation of military hardware.
Have Out Pedestal dynamics testing of unknown system (possibly a foreign radar) requiring "data reduction and target and missile receiver rechecking." (c. 1978)
Have Pad Evaluation of a MiG-23MS as YF-113E; beginning in 1978
Have Phoenix Blanket program to cover evaluation and exploitation of foreign military equipment; successor to Have Idea, started in 1986.
Have Plot Air Force chemical warfare defense improvement program.
Have Point Cl-class air-to-surface munition concept
Have Poles USAF TPS project, control system design using the A-7 DIGITAC
Have Power Mock-up and testing of F-15 aerospace ground equipment.
Have Privilege Evaluation of a Cambodian J-5A (Chinese MiG-17 copy) in Vietnam, as YF-113C; 1970.
Have Quick ECCM system for E-3C, secure jam-resistant communications, etc.
Have Radio Exploitation of a foreign radar system.
Have Rash Evaluation of HALSOL, a proof-of-concept vehicle for a solar-powered electric-driven high altitude long endurance UAV; 1983
Have Rebound Bistatic radar concept for air-to-air guidance
Have Region USAF (TAC ?) project, follow-on to Science Realm, production of
Have Repro An optical measurements program.
Have Rice A radar identification and calibration exercise.
Have Ride Analysis of technical data gained from examining a MiG-25, whose pilot had defected to Japan in 1976.
Have Rivet Air Combat Training with MiGs ?
Have Robe An infrared measurements program.
Have Rock Exploitation of military hardware.
Have Rod Exploitation of military hardware.
Have Rose An optical equipment program.
Have Rust Classified Air Force program.
Have Set Special airborne optical record and display equipment.
Have Shaver [...]
Have Shield A security reinforcement flight program to protect an Air Force Systems Command installation, cancelled.
Have Siren ISDS (IRCM Self Defense System) IR Jammer, on E-3, C-137, RC-135, C-20C, VC-25A, and others
Have Ski Exploitation of foreign aircraft parts.
Have Sky A service test of epichlorohydrin collapsible fuel tanks.
Have Sled Three flights of Sergeant-Hydac sounding rockets in 1981; data collection for algorithms to discriminate ICBM reentry warheads from decoys
Have Slick Development of low-observable submunitions dispenser (and possibly also standoff missile) for conformal carriage on stealth aircraft
Have Snow A study of the technical opportunities to improve tactical forces, cancelled.
Have Space Lockheed HGV (Hypersonic Glide Vehicle); experimental aircraft- or booster-launched rocket-powered hypersonic ground attack missile
Have Speedy Solid propulsion techniques program.
Have Spoon Sino-Soviet Bloc aircraft landings on Air Force Systems Command bases.
Have Star Missile defense oriented program; supports NAIC in the evaluation and analysis of intelligence data on foreign developments in future weapon systems, subsystems and technologies (1999)
Have Stare Developmental X-band radar for space debris tracking; tested at Vandenberg AFB
Have Stop Exploitation of a foreign aerospace system.
Have Stork Foreign science and technology analysis support for ATIC/FTD; UFO statistical analysis as sub-project (c. 1952-54); previously "Project Stork", "White Stork"; 1950s, 60s?
Have Sword An on-base disorders plan.
Have Tamer An Air Force Systems Command exercise of war and emergency plans, cancelled.
Have Theory A liaison and technical intelligence support program to U.S. agencies by the Air Force Systems Command.
Have Thrust AIM-9M Sidewinder replacement with longer range
Have Torch IR guidance concept for air-to-air missiles
Have Town Air Force Systems Command collection activities program.
Have Track The observation and tracking of orbiting satellites.
Have Turkey Southeast Asia defense suppression strike RPV program.
Have Twist A shipment identifier, cancelled.
Have Up Evaluation of an Su-22M, 1978/79.
Have Vase A laser signature characteristics program.
Have Void BLU-109/B 2000 lb class bom/warhead ("I-2000")
Have Watch An aircraft package test, cancelled.
Have Way Acquisition of specialized foreign equipment.
Have Wedge Dual-mode (EO + ARH) guidance demonstration for Maverick
Have Wind An Air Force collection platform.
Haven Hill A joint DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) - Office of Scientific Research study and experiment on seismic noises.
Haven Hop Air Force Systems Command detection and prediction of clear air turbulence.
Haven Max An advanced development program on a research test vehicle.
Hawk Eye Direction finding missions using EC-47 aircraft, USAF in Vietnam
Haydrop Operation, 314 airdrop missions, 460 tons of bales of hay, for stranded livestock in NM, C-130s of 137th AW and others, 5 days, 12/1997 - 01/1998
Haystack RB-50G ELINT configured aircraft, 15 of which were converted from the original 44 RB-50Bs, also sometimes referred to as "RB-50D"s, 1955-1961; (RB-50Gs: '47-133', '47-136', '47-143', '47-145', '47-147', '47-148', '47-149', '47-150', '47-151', '47-152', '47-153', '47-154', '47-156', '47-157', '47-161')
Head Caddy Airlift support of a defense communications planning group, cancelled.
Head Check A program to assure correction of deficiencies.
Head Cop A Headquarters Command USAF program for continuity of operations plan.
Head Dancer 3 EC-135K '55-3118', '59-1518', '62-3536', 1961-1979
Head Net A Soviet surface search radar used on guided-missile destroyers, destroyer escorts and helicopter carriers.
Head Pacer An operational resource reduction and reorganization program.
Heat Rise [...]
Heavy Aim An air intercept missile requirements computer program.
Heavy Bare Name given to a field exercise conducted by the Air Force to demonstrate how combat squadrons could operate out of "bare base" forward locations, cancelled.
Heavy Blade A USAF special planning support program.
Heavy Blue A message designator for planning projects, cancelled.
Heavy Bow The assignment of aircraft to the Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
Heavy Bridge A USAF technical project located in the Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
Heavy Chain OpOrd/Unit, clandestine, including Combat Sam missions of Thin Slice and Rivet Yard I C-130E-CTs (4 C-130s, 2 classified) and TFR-equiped B-26s, 1964-10/1972
Heavy Chest The bailment of C-7A aircraft to Air America, cancelled.
Heavy Coin A special airlift support project.
Heavy Crescent A support project of USAF Europe C-7A aircraft.
Heavy Crown A civic action program to enhance the Air Force image, cancelled.
Heavy Cup A special airlift support project, cancelled.
Heavy Drive A mission directive, cancelled.
Heavy Eagle A special airlift procedures program.
Heavy Express A special airlift missions program.
Heavy Fog Air Force specialized planning operations program.
Heavy Gate A special world-wide Air Force support system.
Heavy Gold An Air Force airlift project.
Heavy Hand An Air Force plan for dual basing in Europe, cancelled.
Heavy Havoc A specialized operational planning program, cancelled.
Heavy Helo An analysis group to support the evaluation of the ABM fire support system, cancelled.
Heavy Hook The employment of specially configured C-123 aircraft by the Air Force in support of Military Assistance Command Vietnam.
Heavy Hurdle A concept for an air campaign in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Heavy Lance Air Force specialized planning mission, cancelled.
Heavy Leaf A program name used in connection with the HEAVY SAND project.
Heavy Lift A rehabilitation program for the Air Force's C-47 aircraft.
Heavy Lion A modification and use of Collins 3252 transmitters, cancelled.
Heavy Mist Air Force specialized planning operations.
Heavy Mow Specially configured aircraft assigned to the Air Force Logistics Command.
Heavy Phosphor An Air Force special research program, cancelled.
Heavy Play A program used for a special airlift mission, cancelled.
Heavy Rail An Air Force special air mission, cancelled.
Heavy Red A message designator for planning projects, cancelled.
Heavy Sand A special world-wide Air Force support system.
Heavy Seesaw A special air warfare study group, cancelled.
Heavy Silver An Air Force program "Annex Z."
Heavy Skate A program for selected air Force officers, cancelled.
Heavy Smoke I Special operations support program.
Heavy Spartan A USAF specialized planning operation, cancelled.
Heavy Stand USAF Air police personnel assigned to Pacific Air Force.
Heavy Star An Air Force mission development, cancelled.
Heavy Stone A special planning and operations assignment program.
Heavy Tiger A USAF technical project located in the PACOM area, cancelled.
Heavy Town Assignment of aircraft, cancelled.
Heavy Trade A research study on the political, economic, sociological development of East Asian countries.
Heavy Traffic Headquarters USAF operations plan for airlift and resupply operations.
Heavy Tryst A consolidation of support activities, cancelled.
Heavy Wagon Low level training routes in the U.S., cancelled.
Heavy Warrior A special technical evaluation and support project.
Heavy White Acquisition of maps, cancelled.
Hi Camp [...]
Hi-Stress [...]
High Boy Code name of U-2 aircraft used in the Navy's Aerospace Ocean Surveillance Program, an R&D effort aimed at advanced development of aircraft and spaceborne sensor systems to keep track of enemy movements on the sea surface, cancelled.
High Card Another name for the air-to-air Genie missile.
High Gear An acoustic sensor developed for the IGLOO WHITE program.
High Heels DOD periodic exercises to check responsiveness of worldwide communications system and reporting procedures under conditions that would exist should there be a major enemy attack.
High Highstar Managed by SAMSO (Space & Missile Systems Organization), the program is aimed at the development of infrared detectors with high detectivity. Application is believed to be to the Midcourse Surveillance System satellite.
Hightide [...]
Hip Pocket A Navy program to employ off-the-shelf equipment to improve ship defense against missile threats. The Navy is provided the equipment to see how it works, and to test its reliability at a very early stage. The system also aids industry in testing preliminary equipment.
Homecoming Operation, return of Vietnam POWs from Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi, North Vietnam to Travis AFB, CA, and Andrews AFB, MD, in C-141A '66-0177' nicknamed 'Hanoi Taxi', starting 02/12/1973)
Holy Stone A highly classified underwater surveillance program. Submarines are equipped to gather a wide variety of electronic, communications and radar intelligence, including monitoring Soviet nuclear submarine activities.
Hose Reel [...]
Hot Chocolate A highly classified communications system. Consists of one shore station plus eight remote units (probably submarines), handled by the Office of Special Communications, out of Naval Electronic Systems Command.
Hot Fan Modification of 894 TF33 B-52 engines, 1962-1964
Hot Shot An Air Force anti-nighttime infiltration weapon system.
Hula Hoop Defense Nuclear Agency project to monitor French nuclear testing in the South Pacific between 1969 and 1974. The project used RC-135 aircraft equipped with infrared vidicon cameras to measure radiation from targets.
Husky Ace FY 1974 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
Hybla Gold Air Force sensor project involving EG&G Inc., Albuquerque, NM.

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