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The U.S. Army's M Series for bombs designated air-delivered bombs used by the Army Air Forces. In WW 2, some bomb models were prefixed with "AN-", designating a common Army/Navy use. After the U.S. Air Force became a separate branch in 1947, the Army allocated only a few new numbers in this series, either to submunitions bomblets for missile/rocket warheads, or to helicopter-delivered bombs. From the 1960s onwards, the Air Force used BLU designations (covered by the Aeronautical and Support Equipment Type Designation System) for new bombs and guided bomb bodies.

Model Number Item Name; Remarks
M1 30 lb Chemical Bomb
(2...4) (No information)
M5 30 lb Fragmentation Bomb
(6...22) (No information)
M23 10 lb Photoflash Bomb; variants: M23A1
(24...29) (No information)
M30 100 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M30, AN-M30A1
M31 300 lb Demolition Bomb
M32 600 lb GP Bomb
M33 1100 lb GP Bomb
M34 2000 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M34
(35...36) (No information)
M37 17 lb Practice Bomb
M38 100 lb Practice Bomb; variants: M38A2
(39) (No information)
AN-M40 23 lb Fragmentation Bomb; variants: AN-M40A1
AN-M41 20 lb Fragmentation Bomb; variants: AN-M41A1
M42 20 lb Fragmentation Bomb
M43 500 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M43
M44 1000 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M44
(45) (No information)
M46 50 lb Photoflash Bomb; variants: AN-M46
M47 100 lb Chemical/Incendiary/Smoke Bomb; variants: AN-M47, M47A1, AN-M47A2, AN-M47A3, AN-M47A4
M48 20 lb Practice Bomb
(49) (No information)
AN-M50 4 lb Incendiary Bomb; variants: AN-M50A1, AN-M50XA1, AN-M50A2, AN-M50XA2, AN-M50XA3, AN-M50T, AN-M50TXA3, AN-M50A3
(51) (No information)
1000 lb AP Bomb
2 lb Incendiary Bomb; variants: M52A1, M52XA1
(53) (No information)
AN-M54 4 lb Incendiary Bomb; variants: AN-M54X, AN-M54XA1
(55) (No information)
AN-M56 4000 lb Light Case Demolition Bomb; variants: AN-M56A1
AN-M57 250 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M57A1
AN-M58 500 lb SAP Bomb; variants: AN-M58A1, AN-M58A2
AN-M59 1000 lb SAP Bomb; variants: AN-M59A1, AN-M59A2
M60 900 lb AP Bomb
M61 800 lb AP Bomb
M62 600 lb AP Bomb
M63 1400 lb AP Bomb
AN-M64 500 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M64A1
AN-M65 1000 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M65A1
AN-M66 2000 lb GP Bomb; variants: AN-M66A1, AN-M66A2
AN-M67 10 lb Incendiary Bomb
(68) (No information)
AN-M69 6 lb Incendiary Bomb; variants: AN-M69X
M70 115 lb Chemical Bomb; variants: M70A1
M71 23 lb Practice Bomb; variants: M71A1
M72 23 lb Fragmentation Bomb; variants: M72A1
M73 23 lb Practice Bomb
AN-M74 10 lb Incendiary Bomb; variants: AN-M74A1
M75 100 lb Practice Bomb; variants: Target Identification Bomb M75A1
AN-M76 500 lb Incendiary Bomb
M77 10 lb Smoke Bomb
M78 500 lb Nonpersistent Chemical Agent Bomb; variants: AN-M78
AN-M79 1000 lb Nonpersistent Chemical Agent Bomb
(80) (No information)
AN-M81 260 lb Fragmentation Bomb
M82 90 lb Fragmentation Bomb
M83 4 lb Fragmentation Bomb "Butterfly"
M84 100 lb Target Identification Bomb; variants: M84A1
M85 100 lb Practice Bomb
M86 120 lb Fragmentation Bomb
M87 100 lb Smoke Sreamer Bomb
AN-M88 220 lb Fragmentation Bomb
M89 250 lb Target Identification Bomb
M90 250 lb Target Identification Bomb
M91 250 lb Target Identification Bomb
(92...97) (No information)
M98 250 lb Target Identification Bomb
(99) (No information)
M100 250 lb Target Identification Bomb
(101...102) (No information)
M103 2000 lb SAP Bomb
(104) (No information)
M105 500 lb Propaganda Leaflet Bomb
(106...107) (No information)
M108 2000 lb Glide Bomb; was redesignated as GB-1 in new GB Series
M109 12000 lb HE Bomb; a.k.a. "Tallboy"; later variant was labeled M123
M110 22000 lb HE Bomb; a.k.a. "Grand Slam"
(111...112) (No information)
M113 125 lb Chemical Bomb
M114 4 lb Biological Bomblet; used in M33 Cluster Bomb
M115 500 lb Biological Bomb; anti-crop agent
M116 750 lb Fire Bomb; variants: M116A1, M116A2; very similar to Navy MK 77 MOD 0 Fire Bomb
M117 750 lb GP Bomb; variants: M117A1, M117A1E1, M117A1E2, M117A1E3, M117A2, M117A3
M118 3000 lb GP Bomb
(119) (No information)
M120 150 lb Photoflash Bomb
M121 10000 lb HE Bomb
M122 100 lb Photoflash Bomb
M123 12000 lb HE Bomb; a.k.a. "Tallboy"
M124 250 lb Practice Bomb
M125 10 lb Chemical (GB) Bomb; variants: M125A1
M126 4 lb Incendiary Bomb; similar to AN-M50A3
(127...128) (No information)
M129 750 lb Leaflet Bomb; variants: M129E1, M129E2
(130...133) (No information)
M134 Chemical (Sarin) Bomblet
(135...137) (No information)
M138 10 lb Chemical (BZ) Bomblet
M139 Chemical (Sarin) Bomblet; improved M134
(140...142) (No information)
M143 1 lb Biological Bomblet
M144 1.75 lb Fragmentation Bomblet; similar to BLU-3/B
M145 HE Terrain-Implantation Bomb; Air-Delivered Seismic Intrusion Detector (ADSID)
M146 HE Terrain-Implantation Bomb; Helicopter-Delivered Seismic Intrusion Detector (HELOSID)

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