The Military Aviation Designations Discussion Group & Mailing List

There is a public mailing list for the discussion of designation systems for military aircraft, missiles and other related equipment. The list is a free service by Yahoo!Groups. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at will, the only (minor) drawback is, that Yahoo!Groups is free to add a few lines of commercial information (i.e. SPAM) to each post.

How to Subscribe

To join the mailing list, either send an e-mail to, or use the form below. If you are not yet member of any Yahoo!Groups mailing list, you will be prompted to create an Yahoo!Groups account, with your e-mail address and a password. While this may sound like another source of SPAM, the amount of unwanted e-mail from Yahoo!Groups has been exactly nil for me, so I think the sign-in is acceptable (otherwise, I wouldn't have created the mailing list there).

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The mailing list also has a web interface (to view old messages, etc.) at

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