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Chrysler AGM-80 Viper

The AGM-80 Viper was another USAF project of the late 1960s (the first one being the AGM-79 Blue Eye) with the intention to develop an improved AGM-12 Bullpup derivative with an automatic guidance system. Unfortunately, I don't know many details about Viper except that it was to use an on-board inertial guidance unit, and a radar-altimeter fuze for airbursts. The missile's airframe was probably based on the larger AGM-12C/E versions of the Bullpup, but I have found no hard evidence for this. The program was cancelled in the early 1970s, probably after some tests with the XAGM-80A prototypes.


The XAGM-80A was probably based on the AGM-12C/E Bullpup, whose dimensions are given in the table:

Length4.14 m (13 ft 7 in)
Wingspan1.22 m (48 in)
Diameter0.46 m (18 in)

Main Sources

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