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Appendix 3: Space Vehicles
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Lockheed Martin ES-17 AEHF

The AEHF (Advanced Extremely High Frequency) constellation of communication satellites is the follow-on to the older Milstar system. It is compatible with Milstar's low- and medium-data rate modes, and adds a new high-data rate mode offering up to 8 Mbit/s. The AEHF satellites have been allocated the MDS designation ES-17A. They operate in GEO, and are equipped with more than 10 different antennas, serving as uplink/downlink from/to the Earth surface as well as crosslink between satellites for data relay. The AEHF constellation was completed with the launch of the 6th ES-17A in March 2020.

Image: USSF

Name Intl. Designation Launch Notes
AEHF-12010-039A14-Aug-2010Also known as USA-214
AEHF-22012-019A04-May-2012Also known as USA-235
AEHF-32013-050A18-Sep-2013Also known as USA-246
AEHF-42018-079A17-Oct-2018Also known as USA-288
AEHF-52019-051A08-Aug-2019Also known as USA-292
AEHF-62020-022B26-Mar-2020Also known as USA-298

Launch dates of the AEHF series

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